CAB Taste the Best NY StripWe offer fresh cut beef and pork daily, including our store ground chuck, ground round and loose sausage. 


 Filet Mignon, Delmonico, New York Strip, Sirloin, Steakhouse Sirloin, Chuck eye, Cube steak, Round steak  


We offer our fresh store made Ground Chuck Burgers, approximately 1/4 lb. each. We also offer our famous Bacon Cheddar Pub Burgers, approximately 1/3 lb. each. Pub Burger specials change weekly and include freshly made 1/3 lb. burgers in different flavors including chili cheese, pizza, sweet onion and more! 

Beef Roasts

Top Round (London Broil), Bottom Round, Eye Round, Sirloin Tip, Chuck Roast 

Other Beef

Beef Cubes, Store Made Ground Chuck, Store Made Ground Round 


Kunzler Slab Bacon, Center Ham Slices, Country Ham Slices, Ham Hocks, Smoked Pork Chops, Center Cut Chops, Boneless Chops, Country Style Ribs, Store Made Stuffed Sausage, Store Ground Loose Sausage (same recipe for 50 years!), Store Made Specialty Flavored Sausages, Chesapeake Sausage ( A customer favorite, our own recipe!) 

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